The environment

The hotel is found in San José, a small traditional fishing town right in the heart of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park.

Cabo de Gata

Natural wealth

The park extends for more than 38000 hectares, 12000 of which make up the marine strip.

Its volcanic origin can be seen in its cliffs, fossil lava flows and beaches, and its disposition allows it to be discovered easily with dozens of routes to discover it on foot or by bicycle.

Rutas por el parque

The semi arid climate - unique in Europe - has provoked a unique surge of flora and fauna. Its marine background is one of the principle attractions for lovers of diving, where its fields of Posidonia and the diverse variety of marine species fill the senses.


And its clean skies are the best way to enjoy the astronomy far from noise and the contamination of the big cities.

Playa de los Muertos

Virgin beaches

There are very few European locations in which to find authentic virgin beaches, such as Mónsul and Genoveses, a few minutes from the hotel. The fine sand and the transparency of the water have led to it being turned into a cinematographic icon.

In addition, all along the coastline you will find countless beaches and hidden coves of extraordinary beauty such as Playa de los Muertos (Carboneras), la Cala del Plomo (Agua Amarga) or el Playazo (Rodalquilar).

Flamencos en Cabo de Gata

Discover the ancient salt mines of San Miguel de Gabo de Gata, seasonal home of flamingos.

Jarapas de Níjar
Telares de Níjar
La Isleta del Moro

Discover in our traditional jarapa fabrics and ceramics of Níjar the authentic experience of its people.

And lose yourself in the lanes of Agua Amarga and La Isleta del Moro, small fishing towns that have stayed unaltered through the passage of time.


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