There is so much to do, enjoy and visit in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park that you will be pleased to have chosen us as your starting point. We are close to everything you’ll want to experience in order to enjoy the park to the maximum.

Kayac en Cabo de Gata

The beaches

There are very few places where you can find so many varied beaches within such a short distance.

San José Town’s own beach is perfect to enjoy, at less than 5 minutes walk from the Hostel.

You can also enjoy the virgin beaches of Mónsul and Genoveses, with their fine sand and crystalline water that invites you to put on your scuba gear and discover their impressive, full of life marine delights.

Cala en el Parque Natural

Inside the Natural Park there are beaches for all tastes; some with all services, and some in the middle of nowhere with just the sea, the coast, and possibly a few other adventurous people like yourself.

Nadando en el Parque

The Natural Park

The best thing about the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is that it can be enjoyed all year round. The climate and the spectacular routes will inspire you to explore on foot, by bicycle, canoe, boat or excursions on all terrains.

It is the only place in Europe where you can experience a combination of volcanic terrain with extensive beaches, with the most hours of sunlight per year in the continent.

Salinas de Cabo de Gata
Rutas por el parque

If you like astronomy and you want to enjoy the clear skies of the desert, you’re passionate about photography and you’re looking for unique natural nooks and crannies or you want to find the perfect scenery in which to enjoy bike rides, this is your place.

Restaurante en el Parque

By day and by night

The Natural Park is not only about nature. Its offers of restaurants and nightlife strikes a fine balance between fun and surprise and makes it easy to find local establishments off the beaten tourist track.

Discover towns such as Níjar, La Isleta del Moro, Rodalquilar, Las Negras or Aguamarga, which appear almost frozen in time, keeping their Meditteranean architecture, their traditions, gastronomy and crafts.

At the same time, if you wish, you can take advantage of the modern and cosmopolitan nightlife which is on offer.